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Waterways cultivates place-based creativity through reflection of the aquatic ecosystems of the Great Southern in Western Australia and has had a number of developments and iterations since 2017. It expresses the motif of family and home, people and place, with the idea of one can not exist without the other. Sharing stories of local peoples intimate connection to these water places; aims at creating art as social change and emphasising the importance of our eco-cultural identity. Which enhances knowledge and builds a shared sense of belonging and investment, of these vital ecological systems that might just make a difference to their appropriate management.


Virtual Film Project in development for 2022

Water Walk virtual film project that has an unique way for audiences to engage with through QR code technology placed at the waterway sites that we film, in collaboration with local community participants, at. Delivered to tourist visitors via their smart phones.


Film Installation Exhibition 2020

at Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany WA

film installation, with community participants improvised performance on opening of exhibition

film, projection, sound, painting on cotton, found objects, recycled materials

participants Phillip Light, Marie Kerr, Katrina Jardine, Shirley Mortemer, Gloria Glass, Lena Greyson, Anne Sorenson

collaboration with Robyn Lees, Marlu Harris, Jeremy Von Kobra, Lenny Jacobs, Eduardo Cossio, Dan O'Connor, Annika Moses, Sarah Turvey

photos Nari Lees

Vancouver Arts Centre Exhibition Program 19/20

Waterways - Vancouver Arts Centre Film I
Waterways - Vancouver Arts Centre Film I
Waterways - Vancouver Arts Centre Film I
Waterways - Vancouver Arts Centre Film I
Waterways - Vancouver Arts Centre Film I

Intergenerational Community Performance Project 2019

at Denmark Cvic Centre, Denmark WA

community performance

improvised/choreographed movement, spoken word, film, sound, projection, design

participants Jane Brans, Laura Vermeulen, Merome Darvill, Katrina Jardin, Gloris Glass, Ana Orozco, Marie Kerr, Phillip Light, Tanya Gavin,

Lena Greyson, Anne Sorenson, Sarah Hunter, Lief Lebbing, Leigh Harris  x14 youth and children

collaboration with Marlu Harris, Jeremy Von Kobra, Lenny Jacobs, Eduardo Cossio, Dan O'Connor, Annika Moses, Sarah Turvey, Rob Castiglione

photos Brendon Manuel

Denmark Arts Council, Brave New Works #26

Intergenerational Community Site-Specific Performance Project 2019

at Ocean Beach Sandbar, Denmark WA

community performance, with filming, painting, audience interaction

improvised place-based somatic movement, film, photography, sound

participants Carl Heslop, Jasimne Heslop, Sarah Hunter, Lena Greyson, Tanya Gavin, Fiona Enright, Phillip Light, Anne Sorenson, Jane Brans, x8 youth

collaboration with Marlu Harris, Racheal Angelini, Anthony Endacott, Andre Steyl, Leigh Harris, Robyn Lees

photos Matthew Cull, Patricia Gill, Racheal Angelini

Global Water Dances 2017

Waterways - Global Water Dances Performa
Waterways - Global Water Dances Performa
Global Water Dances 3.jpg

Creative Development Showing 2017

at The Butter Factory Studios, Denmark WA

live art, film installation

improvised movement, film, photography, sound, projection

mentorship of Marlu Lees Harris, Lyrica Murray, Andrew Barrington, Finley James

collaboration with Micheal Hemmings, Mary Jayne Negus

photos by Lyrica Murray, Brendan Manuel, Nic Duncan, Nari Lees

Denmark Arts Council, Brave New Works #24

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