Training in dance with Perth City Ballet, Graduate College of Dance and WAAPA and performing throughout Australia and oversee. Nari works within a community and independent arts framework drawing on conceptualism, narrative therapy, live and visual art to forge a series of performative works that constructs a visual critique around environmental, societal and individual health and wellbeing.





Global Water Dances, Waterways | Improvisational on-site community dance work for GWD at Ocean Beach Sandbar | 06/19
Surface | Dance installation work for Surface Exhibition at Buttery Factory Studios | 04/19

Earthlings | Roving series at Brave New Works #25, Nannup Music Festival & Denmark Arts Markets | 10/18, 03/19, 04/19
Soapy Stories | Interactive film installation work at Brave New Works #25 | 10/18
Plastic Fish | Live Art/Film/Sculpture/Improvisational dance work at Green Skills, Art Not Waste Festival & Carbon Element, contemporary dance showcase | 03/18, 04/19
Waterways | Live Art/Film/Improvisational dance work for Creative Development Showing at Brave New Works #24 | 10/17
Judgement of Paris | Collaborative (Avril Steyl, Dr Georg Corall, Patricia Alessi) baroque dance works at Festival of Voice | 06/17
Renaissance Dance with Sarabande Ensemble | Collaborative (Avril Steyl & Saraband Ensemble) community renaissance dance works at Butter Factory Studios | 06/12, 06/13 & 06/14                                                                                                                                                                          

Wild Conversations | Improvisational community dance work for Ausdance Future Landings presented at Brave New Works #18 | 04/11
Family of Clay | Collaborative (Prudence James) roving work at Denmark Arts Markets, Nannup & Fairbridge Festivals | 1/11 & 3/11     

Facade | Dance installation work for artists Robyn Lees & Hylmie Van Melle, Facade Exhibition & Strut's Shortcuts Season | 05/09 & 09/10

Leaving My Family | Dance installation work for requiem of friend Paul Doquile at Denmark Centre for Sustainability | 03/10
MovMENt | Collaborative (Annette Carmichael) community dance work, produced by Paul Doquile at Brave New Works #17 | 04/10
Worm in a Bottle | Collaborative (Annette Carmichael & Amy Hastie) dance work for Mandala CD Launch | 01/10
La Petite Serene | Roving community dance installation work at Denmark Festival of Voice & Brave New Works #17 | 06/08 & 04/09
Sign It | Collaborative (Annette Carmichael) community dance work for Brave New Works #17 | 04/09
Librarian Of Basra | Collaborative (Paul Doquile & The Lonely Brothers) theatre work at Albany Library, Fairbridge & Darwin Festivals | 08/07 & 04/08

Mercurial | Community dance work at Brave New Works #16 | 04/08
Flock Of Gulls | Community dance work for Xave Brown's CD Launch at Brave New Works #16 | 04/08
Promenade | Collaborative (Prudence James) roving work for Pulse Regional Conference & Vase Winery | 06/07 & 02/08
Trimark African Dance | Collaborative (Amy Hastie) community African dance works at Brave New Works #16 & Denmark Arts Markets | 04/07 & 01/08

Identity | Collaborative (Paul Doquile) community youth theatre work at Brave New Works #15 | 04/07
So Hush | Collaborative (Paul Doquile) roving work at Denmark Arts Markets | 01/07
Oil & Water | Collaborative (Paul Doquile) community youth theatre work at Brave New Works #14 | 04/06
Ben Wear | Collaborative (Sarisen & Paul Doquile) community theatre work at Great Southern Wearable Art Festival | 02/06
Snuggle Pot & Cuddle Pie | Collaborative (Noelene Hewitt) community dance work at Serendipity Dance Concert | 11/04
Family Feud | Collaborative (Ivor Bell) community dance work at Brave New Works #12 | 04/04
Splice | Community dance work at Brave New Works #11 | 04/03
Elementals | Collaborative (Prudence James) roving work at West Cape Howe Winery | 01/03
Alienation | Collaborative (Chris Hewitt) community dance work at Brave New Works #11 | 04/02
Squares | Dance work winning choreography prize at Royal Academy of Dancing Comp. | 04/00



Travelled to the UK with Perth City Ballet as a soloist for their 1994 tour, performing at the Edinburgh Playhouse, Wembley Theatre, Winter Garden Blackpool, Swansea Grand Theatre, Oxford New Theatre
Danced with Steps Youth Dance Company in 1995
Won Dancer of the Festival for the Royal Academy of Dance Bursary Perth in 1999
Performed with the Perth Symphony Orchestra in 1999
Worked with Lucette and Alan Alder as the Sugar Plum Fairy, performed at His Majesty's Theatre in 2000

Teaching since 1996; technique, improvisation & choreography dance with Perth's Academy of Dance and Performance, Denmark's Serendipity School of Dance, Southern Edge Arts, Denmark and Albany Senior High Schools and SHOON Healthy Art
Soloist for Chrissi Parrot's regional work 'Tarrididdle” at Pulse: 2007 Regional Arts Conference
Participated in Carol Brown's 'Wired In Space' PICA in 2007

Artist Director of Denmark’s regional community arts festival Brave New Works #17, 2009
Worked with PVI Collective on Deviator Tour, Albany 2019                                                                                             

Performed at the Nannup, Fairbridge, Armadale, & Darwin Festivals
Also worked with Jacob Lehrer, Aimee Smith, Rebecca Bradley, Annette Carmichael, Robert Castiglione, Anne Sorrenson, Sym Parr, Fiona Toilette, Chris Hewitt, Paul Doquile, Dave Nile, Andre & Avril Steyl, Douglas Walker, Dr Georg Corall, Patricia Alessi, Steve Berrick, Steve Buckles, Alex McPherson, Terrance Smith, Peter Keelan, Dave Rastrick, James Gentle, Xave Brown, Jeremy Hicks.




Perth City Ballet
Graduate College of Dance
Friends in Yoga, Yoga Teacher Qualification
Great Southern Tafe, Diploma in Remedial Massage