A minimalist plastic sculpture made from different lifecycles of use, whether from businesses, from individuals’ homes before being disposed or recycled or from collected beach debris. This plastic form manifests what may seem abstract in discussion: the environmental burden placed on ocean ecosystems through the insidious nature of plastic use in our lives. Set against live performance, sound score and projection of sea life.

I’ve done two separate iteration of the work with the same elements of sculpture, projection & live performance. Firstly, an intimate installation piece where I collected used plastic packaging refuse produced under a week from 5 different local businesses, demonstrating the large level of waste produced by a few in a short period of time to make the 3x3m plastic sculpture. I enjoyed working in a durational framework that went for 6hrs and played with NOT dancing but seeing myself as a mirroring/matching sculpture in discussion with the plastic fish sculpture.

Secondly a short 3min more dance based piece placed in a traditional proscenium arch format that used a large piece of plastic I had laying around at home to make the sculpture and finding a alternative way of hanging it to view the projection images through the sculpture, casting a morphed and obscured image on the back scrim.

Below is short vid of 1st iteration of work & pics from both performances


at Denmark Civic Centre, Denmark WA

Not Waste Festival, Carbon Element Contemporary Dance Showcase

stage performance, 5mins

sculpture, film, improvised movement


at Denmark Arts House, Denmark WA

Art Not Waste exhibition

won 2nd price

performance installation, 6hr durational

sculpture, film, improvised movement

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