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Meanwhile below gives a glimpse into the seeding process of Waterways and tells the story of Lead Artist Nari Lees's personal connection to Denmark water places 

Waterways, Creative Development Phase 2017

at The Butter Factory Studios, Denmark WA

improvised live art, film installation

improvised movement, film, photography, sound, installation

mentorship of Marlu Lees Harris, Lyrica Murray, Andrew Barrington, Finley James

collaboration with Micheal Hemmings, Mary Jayne Negus

photos by Lyrica Murray, Brendan Manuel, Nic Duncan, Nari Lees

Denmark Arts Council, Brave New Works #24

I am drawn to water as an artistic and narrative theme because of its essential role within human physicality and spirituality. Water has an undeniable hold on our psyche; we live near it, play in it, we are born in it and thirst for it for our entire lives. Through all cultures and times water has offered up an endless motif for art and storytelling, a tradition I feel compelled to continue with 'Waterways'. An improvisational live arts, film, installation work telling the stories of local people's time spent around the water places of Denmark, WA.

The Creative Development Phase allowed for the manifestation of my personal story of Denmark's water places;

'Parenting is a cacophony of extremes, from such love and contentment to a rather uncomfortable sense of frustration and maybe even on occasion, waves of feeling completely over-whelmed. The Waterways Creative Development Showing casts a mother's glimpse into the shifting moods and sensitivities of a family’s migration together, echoed in the tidal journey of Denmark waters.'

Waterways is in planing for two more chapters; The Skills Development Phase, mentorship with local professional artists Cecile Williams/design, Robert Castiglione/film, Jeremy Hicks/sound making and Meleah Ferrall/photography and The Community Project, allowing a diverse telling of local people's stories.

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